Thank U, Next

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December 10, 2018
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March 20, 2020

Thank U, Next

Anyone else love the idea of reflecting back and looking ahead? When you have lofty goals and are not quite sure how to reach them, I’m finding it helps to look at how far you’ve come over a specific amount of time.

We are dreaming and believing big things for Good Deed Goods in 2019 and beyond, but there are many times that our goals seem so far out of reach. Being that we’re only 25 days into 2019, we definitely need to develop a bit more resilience. Preaching to myself here.

Instead of always dwelling on the list of what’s still to be done and being overwhelmed by all the steps it takes to get there, we’re going to take a note out of Ariana’s songbook and acknowledge/thank the past before looking ahead towards the next right thing. The shorter version of this of course is simply, “thank u, next.” 

So, without further ado…

Thank You (2018) –

  • First EVER Electronic Inventory built from SCRATCH
  • The Good Deed Goods story BETTER told throughout our store and online
    • Good Deed Goods Sign INSIDE
    • Good Deed Goods Website kept UP TO DATE
    • Good Deed Goods Social Media Accounts reflecting WHO WE ARE
  • Charity Partnership Relationships DEEPENED
    • Charity Events HOSTED
    • Awareness RAISED
  • Wish List Service ESTABLISHED

Next (2019- …) –

  • Good Deed Goods Office / Warehouse
  • Online Shopping
  • More Events & Outreach
    • Community
    • Shopping
    • Charity
  • Quality & Consistent Social Media Presence
  • Better Understanding of Photography
  • Good Deed Goods Intern
  • Good Deed Goods Merch
  • Increased Sales & Impact of 20% or more
  • Photo Spot / Feature Wall
  • Organization Overhaul
  • And on , and on , and on …


In 2018, we made some GOOD progress. We are further along than we were a year ago and that is worth celebrating and being thankful for. Looking ahead at 2019, we have a GOOD vision & and a GOOD list of goals to move us forward toward the destination we have on the horizon. This is the truth that will play on repeat and sustain us in the midst of the small tasks each day requires. We will trust that those small tasks will amount to big impact and goals reached, that our efforts will be blessed in 2019. The GOOD Life indeed.




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