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At Good Deed Goods we partner with a number of local, regional, and national charities. With every purchase we donate 10% to selected charities. We want every gift we sell to be part of something bigger which is why we give back to our community, our country, and the world with every single purchase.


Caring & Sharing, Inc.

Caring & Sharing, Inc. is an organization dedicated to meeting the basic needs of those in our community who are existing on less than $100-$200 a month. They serve all of Williamsburg & Georgetown Counties as well as parts of Florence & Horry County by providing a weekly Food Bank. Caring & Sharing, Inc. also seeks to provide assistance on utilities, medications, & other bills for those who would otherwise go without.
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Family Justice Center

The Family Justice Center of Horry & Georgetown Counties works to provide a safe environment where victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse can receive the FREE & CONFIDENTIAL help they need. Their mission is to reduce the injuries and deaths resulting from domestic violence. And they are dedicated to creating a community of zero tolerance.
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India COVID-19 Relief

(through The White Harvest Foundation) The White Harvest Foundation is a 501(c)3 Organization located in Pawleys Island, SC. They have been serving in India for more than 15 years. Through their longstanding work, they have established many relationships with local leaders and pastors. Their knowledge and connections will ensure that our donations will be earmarked specifically for COVID-19 Relief.
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Charity / Organization Nomination

Do you have a favorite Cause / Charity / Organization making a difference for GOOD in our community, nation, and/or world? Would you like for them to be considered for a future Charity Partnership with Good Deed Goods? We’d love to know more! Simply click the link below to fill out our Charity Nomination Form.

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