Final Countdown: Christmas Gifts for Kids

    Final Countdown: Christmas Gifts for Kids

    Shipping Deadlines got you down? Feeling a bit behind this year? (aren’t we all??) With just 10 days left till Christmas, we’re jumping in to help with some in stock today last minute gift ideas for kiddos, big and small.

    We’ve organized these ideas into three categories: (1) Classic Toys, (2) Learning Games/Puzzles/Bookish Play, and (3) Just Plain Fun

    Thanks for reading along and for shopping small this Holiday Season! =) Goodies are below. All items are guaranteed in stock at the time the Gift Guide is posted, however we have limited quantities of each item, so don’t delay!

    1. Classic Toys for Boys & Girls from Candylab, Maileg, Jack Rabbit Creations, & More!

    Candylab Toys

    The most classic of the classics, this is what legends are made of. With real walnut veneer-paneled sides and a magnet embedded in the roof, it comes with a surfboard that snaps onto it. This car also features a magnetic tow hook—allowing it to hitch our equally awesome trailer. –Candylab Toys


    In a busy world of bright lights, bells and whistles, where new stories are continually impressed upon us… Maileg is a world in which matchboxes can be beds for mice…a world of childhood imagination. –Maileg

    Maileg (pronounced My’lye) is a brand of charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire our children’s favorite playtime stories. By bringing storybook whimsy to everyday moments, Maileg toys help children explore the pure and simple wonder of imagination. –Maileg

    Beloved for their heartwarming personalities, Maileg toys show playfulness and charm in every last detail. Theirs is a timeless world filled with beautiful accessories and settings to be collected, cherished and shared with friends and family for generations. –Maileg

    Jack Rabbit Creations

    Heirloom-quality toys that are updated classics with a twist. These Magnetic Playsets are made with natural wood. A true “no batteries” approach to play. –Jack Rabbit Creations

    Kind Culture Co.

    Give a gift that gives back! The Doll Kind Dolls are soft and huggable dolls that come with tokens for children to give as a random act of kindness. This gift funds education…a portion from each sale benefits childhood education. –Kind Culture Co.

    2. Learning Games, Puzzles, & Bookish Play from eeBoo, Compendium, & More! –


    eeBoo is a Women-Owned & Mother-Run Company that is dedicated to sustainably sourced play for growing hands and growing minds. –eeBoo

    This ingenious pop-up dollhouse opens into four colorful rooms with chairs, a couch, a bed, a full kitchen, and a studio with instruments and art supplies. Four friendly die-cut stand-up animals are also included to enjoy the house. Lots of detail will inspire hours of self-directed imaginative play and storytelling. When play is done, Koala’s Cottage folds gently into a book that you can store on the shelf! A wholesome screen-free activity that encourages creativity. –eeBoo

    Explore the ocean’s depths and discover its treasures in eeBoo’s Ocean Treasure 64 Piece Puzzle, illustrated by Monika Forsberg -eeBoo


    Explore the vast array of cosmic bodies in our solar system in eeBoo’s Solar System 64 Piece Puzzle. With large pieces this puzzle is perfect for children. Jigsaw Puzzles are a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. Featuring art by Kelsey Oseid –eeBoo





    Good Night Monster Gift Set – A Storybook and Plush for Sweet Dreams and Happy Bedtimes –Compendium

    Bedtime can stir up all kinds of emotions for a child. Good Night Monster is your child’s very own nighttime guardian, a friend for building confidence at bedtime. –Compendium

    Get to know Monster and read about its evening adventures in the playful storybook. When it’s time for bed, tuck Monster in with your child for added comfort. Or pose Monster under the bed, near a closet, or anywhere your child wants a trusted lookout while they sleep. -Compendium

    Mud Pie Reading Pals

    Plush head and feet flank accordion-style “body” with illustrated story. Books fold up to neatly to sit on shelf. -Mud Pie

    3. Just Plain Fun (and great Stocking Stuffers Too!) –

    Poseable Robot


    Brain Teaser Mini Puzzle (Eraser)








    Rainbow Glitter Baton


    Tooth Fairy Pillows


    And of course a Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb!! (or any item to make bath time more fun, we have LOTs!)


    PHEW! Did it just take me an entire work day to finish this post? Yes. Yes it did. (I am a rookie at Gift Guides to be sure) But it is totally worth it if it helps you finish your Christmas shopping this year! Our goal is to do a few more Gift Guide posts before Christmas. Check back here and on our Facebook & Instagram. =)

    If you have any questions about any of the items featured in this post, please feel free to give us a call at (843) 651-7979 (ask for Mel) or send us an email at gooddeedgoods@gmail.com.